Tandem Walk

“A must-read.” – Padmashri Kota Harinarayana

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Reality is not always real. Our empirical experiences, realistic they may be, often camouflages the truth. Many of the experiences that we go through in our daily life, conceal their true colours behind a misty veil. Dr. Verghese, who has been a close associate of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam during his illustrious career, picks up a few incidents from his own life to throw light on the strange world of perception. Each of the articles in this book is based on a real life incident and the incidents he chooses, at first glance, appear to be too common, but like reality itself, they adeptly conceal the luminescence of knowledge, only to reveal the radiance, towards the end. And his writing, all the while keeping up with the depth of the subject it dwells on, remains eminently readable.

  • Jojo Antony



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